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VLCC Skin Defence Honey Moisturizer
VLCC Skin Defence Honey Moisturizer

 Honey Moisturiser 100ml (3.38 fl oz)

SKIN TIGHTENING FACE PACK LIFTS & FIRMS. KEEPS SKIN YOUNG. A blend of ayurvedic powders with Geranium & Almond, this pack has powerful reaffirming, tightening & lifting actions. Regular use gives the skin lasting firmness & resilience, leaving your face looking much younger & radiant.

METHOD OF USE: Make a poste of this powder face pack using VLCC Rose Water & apply a generous layer on cleansed face, neck & area around eyes. Remove after 15 t0 20 minutes with sponge & water.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Powders of Almond Cake(Prunus Amygdalus), Sandalwood (Santalum Album), Zinc Oxide (Zincum), Gum Acacia (Accacia Arabica), Orange Peel (Citurs Aurantium), Oils of Geranium (Ixora Coccinea), Carrod Seed (Daucus Carota), Lemongrass (Andropogon Citratus), Kaolin (Kaolinum) Powder Q.S.

Price: $15.99
19.88 CAD 11.60 GBP 13.02 EUR

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