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Eraser Ance And Pimple Blemishes Cream

 Eraser Acne And Pimple Cream 

It is a Cream which can cure your pimples very effectively as it has an excellent astringent, cooling & healing properties essential for acne treatment. Eraser Acne & Pimple cure cream is a unique formulation of herbs like Masoor & Phitkari which have anti inflammatory & cooling properties which help in reducing acne from your skin. It contains Haldi, a good antiseptic, which is beneficial in treating skin infections.


    * Removes Acne & Pimple in few days without leaving any scars.
    * Has cooling, astringent & healing property.
    * Keeps the skin soft & smooth.
    * Soaks excessive oil present in skin


Price: $8.99
11.18 CAD 6.52 GBP 7.32 EUR

Eraser Herbal Skin Cream Strech Marks Dark Circle Blemish Scars

Eraser Skin Cream Ayurveda Skin Cream Removes Scar Naturally 25 Grams Tube


Skin relates to many marks. Marks which are associated with the outer layer of skin are post delivery stretch marks, stitch marks, scar marks, burn marks, hyper pigmentation, under eye dark circles and obesity stretch marks. Eraser is an effective Ayurveda cream providing vitamin E in its natural form as wheat germ oil to restore smoothness of skin, aids to cell renewal process which plays an important role as moisturizer. Vitamin E is very important to restore collagen elasticity and healing properties.  Besides wheat germ oil Eraser also contains haldi(Turmeric), neem, chandan(Sandal Wood), tulsi, orange peel, rose flower,aloe Vera, kesar (saffron)to provide antiseptic, antipruritic, revitalizing, astringent, hydrating and skin toning effects.
Post delivery stretch marks / obesity stretch marks :  
 These are slightly  depressed linear marks with varying length and breadth found in pregnancy. It is a mechanical stretching of skin causes linear rupture at deeper layer of skin (dermis) of lower abdomen, breast and thigh. Stretch marks are pinkish when recent buy silvery white when rupture heals by scarring.  White striae (scar) do not disappear after delivery. Apart from pregnancy it may form in cases of maternal weight gain, obesity, generalized oedema 
Hyper pigmentation : 
 There are many factors that after the hue of a normal skin.  The principal pigments are melanin.   Hyper pigmentation is most commonly seen following sun exposure.  Melanin deposited in the dermis will often produce a discoloration of the skin 
Scar marks / burn marks :  
 Tissue paper scar or poor wound healing is due to trauma or laceration of the skin.  Burn marks is a wound which may become serious entry of infection into the body if skin cover is not achieved quickly 
Stitch marks : 
 This are the marks which are seen after the grafting of separated skin.  Sometimes these stitches turn black or are clearly visible which gives a bad look to the skin. 
Under eye dark circles :  
 This is due to improper tightening of the under eye skin. This generally comes up with the age, skin looses and creates dark circles beneath them. 
 Eraser is a product with time tested and trusted ayurvedic herbs which lightens and erases post delivery stretch marks, scar marks, burn marks, hyper pigmentation under eye dark circles, obesity stretch marks and stitch marks with help of effective ingredients present in it.
Eraser removes impurities gently without disturbing oil moisture balance.  Wheat Germ Oil : 
Is the natural source of Vitamin E 
Restore smoothness of skin 
Aids to cell renewal process which plays an important role in post delivery stretch marks 
Vitamin E is very important to restore collagen elasticity and healing properties.


Price: $9.99
12.42 CAD 7.25 GBP 8.14 EUR

Eraser Ultra Fair Fairness Skin Cream

 Eraser Ultra Fair Cream

Eraser Ultra Fair cream is a 100% natural fairness cream that improves complexion, nourishes and makes the skin soft.  A unique formulation of eight nourishing herbs ensures faster absorption, which provide better nourishment to the skin.  Its non-greasy base works throughout the day, making complexion better.

Packing : 25 gm

Kumkum and Sandal - acts as melanin disperser 

Aloe Vera- Moisturiser and acts as sunscreen (protects the skin from harmful rays of sun)   

Akhrot (Walnut)- provides nourishment to skin   

Santra & Jasmine - Removes blemishes   

Haldi & Rose- improves complexion


Price: $9.99
12.42 CAD 7.25 GBP 8.14 EUR
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